I wish I had more time to spend showing you the patterns I see, but, I don’t. I’ll have to suffice to keeping up my writings simply on timing the market, which at a multi-year scale is incredibly easy.

My last post said that there was no “all-clear” back to a relatively safe environment, but it’s now looking like my day-of-the-bottom call was correct, and that we’re not going to slide into a very deep correction based on the Classic cup-with-handle pattern that I’m seeing right now.

Net, net, for anyone using these posts to minimize their exposure to possible downsides in the market, the most aggressive could have gotten in on my bottom call, medium aggressive folks could get in now, and it’s likely that the market will continue to go up and to become less volatile over time … and this is when the most risk-averse, least aggressive would want to get back into equities.

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