I know that all 2 of you that read this blog are cursing me for not getting you out of the market prior to this precipitous decline.  But, I’m not actively trading at the moment, so the market only really piques my interest when something crazy like these big drops occur, so this happened too fast for me to research and post something.  For various reasons, we were absolutely due for a correction, so this wasn’t too surprising to me (perhaps the speed of the decline was).  My best guess is that we’re either going to crazily go sideways for around a year, or we’ll quickly drop to around Dow 23,000.  From either option, we’ll likely head up to around  35,000 to 37,000, and then we’ll be due for a more substantial correction and a recession.  If we shortly drop significantly below 23,000, watch out below.

Here’s an interesting read on the value of the market relative to interest rates, written at the beginning of the year.

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