While I have no positions currently (even in my 401K), and haven’t for some time, I have still been watching the market, if just not as closely as when I’m active.  At the moment, I see no reason to be in the market, even for the longest term investors.  You can simply go to cash, and when the risk of a serious drop diminishes, you can buy back in.  I’m not suggesting here that the market definitely WILL drop precipitously, it’s just that, right now, the way it’s behaving, the risk is higher than normal that it will.  There’s an old adage in poker, “There’s always another hand.”  As I’ve done in the past, and documented here (but this time without the extreme fear I was experiencing prior to that post), I can tell you when to get back in.

By the way, this is not a ‘panic’ recommendation, it’s a strategic method to keep recently made gains.  I haven’t posted for a long time because I wasn’t active, and there was no reason to post … the market hit my target almost to the day (I’ll show charts to that effect in a future post) so there was little danger for anyone with market investments.  I thought I owed y’all at least a heads-up on my thinking.

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