This small market pull back has not been fun.  I was up quite nicely…the problem with leading growth stocks is that they are highly volatile, and they do truly lead the market.  So even with my pretty graphs, this is not easy.  Most of my positions have sold off at the tight stops.  My first clue we were entering a pull back was when DDD and SSYS each dropped about 15% in one day on no news.  Nothing. (Luckily I stopped out much higher than those drops.)  Now, these are 3D printing companies, and there is very little out there terms of cool technologies that beats these guys.  So these are the leaders of the leaders.  I probably should have gone to all cash right when that happened because those drops prefaced even other leading stocks dropping.  Instead, I held on, trusting in my stops.  And guess what?  VMED popped on a buyout, and LNKD just tonight popped a ton on great earnings.  So net net over the last couple months, I’m just a bit ahead.  But boy have I learned a lot.  I’m going to start paying very close attention to those channels (previous post), plus the behavior of the leaders of the leaders.  Perhaps I’ve found a combination method of trading that can work quite well (most traders stick almost religiously to only one method).  As always, time will tell. (VMED can’t make me rich…but LNKD likely has a loooong way to run).  Stay tuned for more trades, but I don’t think this sloppy market action will end for a bit, so I’m taking a break.

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