I have been so busy at work and with my home (we’re renovating), that I have had no time to research the market.  I’ve barely been watching it.  I’ve been expecting a moderate pull back, and I think I finally got one last week, followed by a huge up day today.  So time to go into the market for real.  The last six positions I had all sold off on what turned out to be stops that were too tight.  Didn’t make or lose any money on those combined positions.   Unfortunately, I purchased when I knew the market was overextended, and of course the market slid a bit a soon as I did that.  But the market slid so little that I didn’t think the pullback was for real, and I was so busy that I couldn’t follow the market closely enough to realize that it was on its way up again.  So, even though I called it (see Bull Market post a while back), I’ve missed this entire rally.  Now, for any of you reading this thinking, “why not just buy stocks and stay in the market…they went up after the small pullback.”  Please keep in mind, for all of my “trading” mentality here, I am extremely risk averse.  I believe that my method will maximize gains, while minimizing the possibility of any serious losses.  Some of the stocks I pick could double to triple in value in a year or two, while keeping losses to an absolute minimum with stops.  Tonight I finally had some time to pay attention.  I’ll likely go into these stocks tomorrow:  LNKD, RAX, SLXP, and AAPL.  Apple is a pure value play…I may buy and hold on this one.  And only if the market looks like it’s going to drop precipitously, I might get out.  I’ll also be watching ABMD, FFIV, VMW, and CPHD waiting for the stocks to go up on significant volume.  Yes, up.  Historically, stocks go up more often when they’ve broken through recent highs and all of these are close to doing this.  Otherwise they can trade in a range for some time, and I’d rather put my money to work elsewhere.    How did I pick these?  I have winnowed my pay services down to one: virtueofselfishinvesting.com.  These guys really know what they’re doing and they constantly send a list of stocks that have good technical characteristics.  I then take a hard look at the chart, a cursory look at what the company does and its projected growth rates relative to its stock price P/E/G, then I take another hard look a the chart.  Let’s see what happens this time around…I finally feel like I know what I’m doing…I think I did before, but I detoured into the whole Elliot Wave negativity thing.  I can call the downturns without reading those negative ninny’s analysis.  Oh, I’ll also be putting a 7% trailing stop against all the positions.  I’ve moved my money over to interactivebrokers.com, and their trades are only $1 (dunno how they do it), so now I don’t mind a ton of trades…I really now don’t mind going in and out of stocks on a continual basis because the cost will be so low.

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